National Co-ordinator Genc Çaushi

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Genc Çaushi

Head of International Relations, RTSH
tel: +355 68 339 3865

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RTSH is Albania's public broadcasting organisation, operating on radio, television and online. It runs three television stations and three radio stations. RTSH is funded through a licence fee, commercial activities and a grant from the government.


Albanian Radio Television (RTSH) is the only public broadcasting organization performing radio and television broadcasting activities in Albania and it operates under law Nr.8410, date 30.09.1998 ‘On the Public and Private Radio and Television in the Republic of Albania’. The mission of Albanian Radio Television is defined by Article 66 of this Constitution in which it is stated that the organization exists as a broadcaster devoted toward the highest ideals of national public broadcasting service. RTSH creates quality radio and television programs to inform, educate and entertain the public by serving the nation and all the groups of society. The Albanian Radio Television aims at creating quality programs that reflect to its listeners and viewers the diversity of Albanian’s life.


Albanian Radio Television comprises Radio Tirana founded on 1938 and the Albanian Television founded in 1962.
Albanian Radio Television consists of the following administrative units: Radio Tirana, Albanian Television, News Department, Satellite Program, four regional Radio and Television Centers in city of Shkoder, Kukes, Korca, and Gjirokaster.
The governing bodies of the Albanian Radio Television are: The Steering Committee, the General Director and the Management Board.  
The members of the Steering Committee are appointed by the Albanian Parliament. The Steering Committee elects the General Director of the Albanian Radio and Television. The management Board consists of 5 members appointed by the Steering Committee.


The Albanian Radio Television is the only public broadcaster in Albania.  There are nearly 3.4 million inhabitants in Albania and RTSH covers almost all the territory of the country.

The Albanian Radio Television provides a full range of radio and TV programs such as news, cultural, social, economical, environmental, entertainment and children programs.
Albanian Television is always innovative providing different kinds of shows and transmitting various Albanian and foreign documentaries.  

The Albanian Radio Television broadcasts 24 hours TV program in its two TV channel under the TVSH and TVSH2 logo.

During the week there are 168 hours of programs transmitted.
75 % of the programs are in Albanian language. Foreign programs are mostly translated with sub-titles while foreign documentaries are voice-over.

A daily 17 hours program in the Albanian language is it broadcasted via satellite by the Albanian Radio Television for the Albanians abroad, mainly in Europe.

There are three radio channels broadcasting. First Program is more general, Second Program is youth dedicated and the Third Program airs from Monday through Saturday, 3 hour per day, in the foreign languages: English, French, Italian, Turkish, German, Greek and Serbo-Croatian. It also broadcast via radio a program for Albanian living abroad.

The Albanian Radio Television has also a symphony orchestra. Created since 1962, the orchestra consisting of 54 players performs biweekly concerts with music from the Albanian and foreign authors.


Albanian Radio Television creates, prepares, broadcasts and spreads its programs, which need considerable financial resources.
The main source of RTSH funds comes from:

-    financing from the state budget (dedicated to the TV Satellite Program for Albanians living abroad and financing the Symphony Orchestra),
-    services offered to foreign broadcaster for their transmission in FM and short Waves,
-    the service contracts with third parties offering audio visual equipment in RTSH’s premises,
-    advertising,
-    cooperation contract with foreign radios,
-    the television license fee. The amount of the license fee is about 5 EUR per year per household


The Albanian Radio Television is a full right member of the most important audiovisual international organizations. Its membership in EBU, CIRCOM, and COPEAM has brought about great advantages in the programming as well as in the training of its employs in various audiovisual specialties. The Albanian Radio Television owns TV broadcasting rights in the territory of Albanian of the World Soccer Championship, South Africa, 2010.