National Co-ordinator José Arantes
International Affairs and Archive Director, RTP

Jose Arantes


José Arantes

International Affairs and Archive Director
tel: +351 217 947 479


RTP – Rádio e Televisão de Portugal

RTP is the Portuguese public service broadcaster for Radio, TV and Multimedia.

Founded in 1957, the RTP is still fully owned by the Portuguese State and mainly financed through state budget transfers under (1) a public service contract, (2) an universal license fee and (3) some commercial income generated by TV advertising on RTP channel 1. Complimentary sources of income are irrelevant.
Total combined annual income and expenditure: circa 300 million Euros. Number of RTP permanent employees (TV, Radio and Multimedia, plus all the common administrative and management services): circa 2.250.

The company is affiliated and / or a partner to a number of international organisations, like CIRCOM, EBU, COPEAM, URTI, OTI, EURONEWS, just to name the most important.

Currently RTP produces and broadcasts 8 different television channels, apart from 7 radio channels (and a few more thematic channels on the IP platform), serving a wide array of audiences both in Portugal and abroad.

2 free to air channels: RTP1 – the main TV Public Service Channel, featuring quality entertainment, news and sports; RTP2 – knowledge, culture and youth TV channel
2 thematic cable channels: RTPN – 24 hours news; RTP Memoria – entertainment channel based on the contents of the RTP video archives
2 regional channels: RTP Madeira – produced and broadcasted in the Madeira islands; RTP Açores - produced and broadcasted in the Azores islands
2 international channels: RTP International – Portuguese programming broadcast globally to 201 million Portuguese speakers worldwide; RTP Africa – a channel dedicated to the Portuguese Speaking African audiences

RTP´s channels have significant importance in the Portuguese audiovisual panorama, with RTP1 and RTP2 reaching a combined share of 30 percent plus of TV audience.

RTP also has a strong international presence, with offices in 12 countries (São Tomé and Príncipe, Angola, Belgium, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland and USA. Our international channels cover five continents with tailored broadcasts for each continent and are distributed via cable and Direct to Home Satellite to more than 20 million households.

Within the Radio universe, RTP - Rádio e Televisão de Portugal, S.A. operates through the brand mark RDP - Radiodifusão Portuguesa. For this purpose, there are 7 radio channels, such as “Antena 1” (Information and generalist music), “Antena 2” (classic music) and “ Antena 3” (a youth channel). It has also three other radio channels operating in the islands of Madeira and in the Azores (through RTP Madeira and RTP Açores), as well as another two radio channels catered to the Portuguese speaking communities worldwide (RDP Africa and RDP International).