National Co-ordinator Eivind Undrum Jacobsen
Head of regional office, NRK Nordland



Eivind Undrum Jacobsen

Dronningensgate 7

8038 BODØ
tel.: +47 75 50 57 00


NRK - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
NRK Regions
Tyholt, N 7005 Trondheim
Tel: 004773881200
Telefax: 004773881266


NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, is the largest national broadcasting company in Norway and operates several television channels and a variety of radio, web, web-TV and mobile services, both nationwide and regionally. NRK is financed solely by license fee.

Norway has approximately 5,3 million inhabitants, 98% have one or several TVs at home, 95% have a computer and 99% of Norwegians with children have internet access at home (95% of the total population).

NRK provides three TV channels: NRK1, NRK2, NRK3/NRK Super (Children's channel), the digital radio channels P1, P2 P3 and 11 other digital radio channels, the website and mobile site, the weather service, and regional radio, television, web and mobile sites. Both NRK and NRK Regions are active on Social Media.

The basis for NRK's regional activity is the 10 regional offices and NRK Sapmi, the Sami broadcaster. These stations produce radio and television programs and web and mobile content for both regional and national distribution. The regions have since 2009 formed their own division in the NRK, NRK Regions, with a Director Regions in charge. The heads of the regional offices are editors-in-chief of all media (TV, radio, web/mobile, social media). Three of the regions have extensive television facilities and production studios varying from two to four hundred square meters. The daily regional TV transmissions are 20 minutes and the regional radio sends for 6 hrs Monday to Friday.

About 900 of NRKs 3300 employes work in the regions.