National Co-ordinator Esben Seerup
Director, TV2 Fyn

Esben Seerup250

TV2 Fyn

Esben Seerup

tel: +45 6315 6000
Olfert Fischers Vej 31 - 5220 - Odense SØ


TV2 in Denmark is a system or a family of TV stations: one national (TV2 Denmark) and eight regional ones.
The regional stations are independent – both to the national station and to eachother. Each of them has its own Board of Directors and management. There is also a council of 50 - 100 people representing a wide range of different organisations in each region.
Every four years the Council elects the Board of Directors. Apart from that the role of the Council is to comment on programs and to give inspiration and good ideas. It meets twice a year.

  • Region: Southern Jutland

Station TV SYD
Address: Media Park 1
DK-6000 Kolding
Tel : + 45 76 30 31 32
Fax: + 45 76 30 31 99
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Managing director: Betina Bendix
Media Park 1
DK - 6000 Kolding Denmark
Direct: ++4576303100
Mobile : ++4540283035

TV SYD (TV South) is one of the eight regional TV stations in the Danish TV2 system, which is one of Denmark 's two nationwide channels. The TV SYD region consists of the southern part of Jutland and in addition, TV SYD has programming commitments in South Schleswig (northern Germany , just south of the German-Danish border), where a Danish-speaking minority lives. The population of the region is about one million. Daily transmission times in the region are at present 10.50 am – 12.30 pm, newsbreaks 4.05 pm and 6.15 pm, 7.30 - 8.00 pm, and 10.20pm. Normally TV SYD is viewed by 25% of the one million people in the area. Share-of-viewing is about 50%

History: TV SYD went on air in 1983 as an experiment under the auspices of the Danish Broadcasting Company Denmark Radio (TV1) and in 1987 was approved as the first and only regional TV station in the TV 2 system.
Programme profile: TV SYD is not primarily concerned with broadcasting the daily news. This is done in the awareness that the region is well-supplied with news media such as the daily press, regional radio and local radio. TV SYD sees itself primarily as a culture-disseminating and culture-creating institution. Nine years of experimenting with regional TV in South Jutland form the basis of programming philosophy where the main emphasis is on describing the daily lives of individuals. The reality that is typical of daily life in the Danish Parliament, in the local council chambers and the boardrooms of companies is different from everyday reality of individuals. Issues of business and political life are usually presented from the angle of individuals. TV SYD primarily broadcasts to the viewers of the region, but also supplies programs to TV 2's nationwide range of broadcasts.

Organizations: The basis of TV SYD is formed by the TV SYD Support Association (19.000 members) who appoint, along with a number of grass-roots and business organisations and others, the one-hundred-members TV SYD Committee. The committee elects the Board of Trustees for the TV SYD Trust Fund, which has established the production company A/S TV SYD.

Financing: TV SYD is financed mainly by license fee.

Staffing: TV SYD employs a staff of about 70 people.

Equipment: TV SYD's production equipment consists at present of one TV studio, six digital editing rooms plus one media composer, one SNG truck and a fleet of modern ENG-units. We do too have fiber channel video input possibilities across the region. Brands are AVID and DVC-Pro.

  • Region: Capital

Station TV2/Lorry

Managing director Morten Kjær Petersen
Allegade 7-9 - DK-2000 Frederiksberg Denmark
Phone: ++45 38385555
Fax: ++45 38883111

TV2/Lorry is one of the 8 regional TV stations in Denmark. We broadcast to the population of Greater Copenhagen, i.e. 2.0 million inhabitants or a third of Denmark's population.
We broadcast regional news in slots at the national network TV2/Denmark.
Furthermore we broadcast several hours a day on our own HD channel, TV2/Lorry.

We are completely financed by license fee and a few sponsorships, but are obliged to carry commercials in our programmes. The money from those commercials goes to the commercially financed, state-owned national network TV2/Danmark.
The name - TV2/Lorry - sounds strange to English-speaking people. But it has nothing to do with motor lorries. Lorry is an old music hall founded in 1896. It does not serve as a music hall anymore, but we have kept the name, Lorry.


  • Region - Fyn (Funen)

Station TV2 FYN
Address: 0lfert FischersVej 31 5220 Odense SO Denmark
Town/City: Odense
Tel. +45 63 15 60 00
Fax. +45 63 15 60 60
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Managing director Esben Seerup
0lfert FischersVej 31 5220 Odense SO Denmark
Phone: ++45 63156000 Fax: ++45 63156060
Direkte: 63156061 - hjemme 65920083 - mobll: 20161848

One out of 8 regional TV stations within the Danish TV2 system.
The main programme is being broadcasted 7 days a week between 19:30 and 20:00. Furthermore TV 2/FYN is broadcasting longer and shorter programmes on weekdays at the hours 11.00, 12.10, 16.05, 18.10 and 22.20.

Since november 2009 TV 2/FYN has broadcasted on a new digital channel a one-hour programme every night at 20.00. In total the station is broadcasting app. 900 hours of television every year.

On the web-site you find daily news, video, links, programme information and debate.

The region covered by TV 2/FYN includes one major city, Odense , it covers housing 40% of the region's inhabitants. Otherwise, small towns and a rural area. The region is characterised by a great number of islands, out of which 21 are inhabited. - 8% of the viewers live on smaller islands. As an average of 19 % of the viewers are watching the programmes daily, the viewing share amounts to 51 % (2009).

Financed through licence fee. The station has a staff of 70 , broadcasting to 484.000 inhabitants.

  • Region - North Jutland

Station TV2 Nord
Address Soparken 4, DK-9440 Aabybro
Town/City Aabybro
Tel +45 96 96 96 96
Fax +45 96 96 96 79
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Managing director: Mikael Justesen
Soparken 4 - DK 9440 Aabybro, Denmark
Phone: ++ 45 96969696 Fax: ++45 96969679
Mobile: ++45 22155356

TV2/Nord is based in the northern part of Denmark. North Jutland has a population of about half a million.
The station has operated  since April 1st, 1989, and employs a staff about 70 people.
TV2/Nord is a public service station and is financed mainly by license fee and sponsorships.
Transmissions Monday-Friday: 11.00 – 12.00 (Features), 12.10-12.30 (News), 16.10 (News), 18.10 (News), 19.30-20.00 (News and Features), Monday-Thursday 22.20 (News).
Transmissions Saturday: 18.10 (News), 19.30-19.45 (News and Features).
Transmissions Sunday: 18.10 (News), 19.30-20.00 (News and Features).
Since November 1st, 2009, TV2/Nord PLUS has transmitted one hour in the evening (20.00 - 21.00), seven days a week, at a new channel meant for local/regional TV. The programmes are features, talkshows, „news you can use“ like food programmes, decorating programmes etc.
The nightly programme at TV2/Nord 19.30-20.00 has an average rating of 20% and a share of viewing of 54%.

  • Region - Bornholm

Station TV2 Bornholm
Address Brovangen 1, DK - 3720 Aakirkeby
Town/City Aakirkeby
Tel. +45 56 93 42 00
Fax + 45 56 93 42 02
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Managing director Jan Joergensen
Brovangen 1 - DK 3720 Aakirkeby Denmark
Phone: ++ 45 56934200 Fax: ++ 45 56914205

The station is situated in an agricultural / maritime area. Transmitting daily 11.00 – 11.55 am, 12.10 -12.30 p.m., 16.10 p.m., 6.10 p.m., 7.30 - 8.00 p.m. , 10.15 -10.20 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays only 6.10 p.m. and 7.30 - 8.00 p.m. News and feature programmes mainly. Viewing population about 50%. The station is financed by licence fee. TV2 Bornholm is part of the region system of TV 2 Denmark.

  • Region - Eastern Jutland

Address: Skejbyparken 1
DK-8200 Aarhus N
Tel. + 45 87 42 42 42
Fax + 45 87 42 42 87

Managing director: Inga Vind
Mobile : +45 21 21 20 28

TV 2 | OESTJYLLAND (East Jutland) started broadcasting 1st April 1990 and is now transmitting regional news-bulletins five times daily – 12.10, 16.05, 18.05, 19.30 and 22.20 to 600.000 inhabitants in Eastern Jutland, i.e. the second largest town, Aarhus, and the surrounding area. Moreover we produce 1hrs daily magazine-programmes.

TV 2 | OESTJUTLAND DocumentaryGroup produces documentaries for use on a regional or national scale. Several of these have been award-winning – in 2005 “Insanely Dangerous” won the “Prix Circom”.

  • Region - Vestsjaellands & Storstroem's Counties

Station TV2 Ost
Address Kildemarksvej 7
DK-4760 Vordingborg,
Town/City Vordingborg
Tel. +45 55 34 02 00
Fax +45 55 34 02 90
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Managing director Vagn Petersen
Kildemarksvej 7 4760 Vordingborg Denmark
Phone: ++ 45 55365656 fax: ++ 45 55365695
Direkte: 55365660 - hjemme 55395439 Mobil: 40165475


TV2 East is part of the Danish TV2 system. The main station of TV2 is placed in Odense which produces national programmes. 8 independent regional stations, which produce half an hour programme per day (except Saturday). Types of programmes produced are news, regional talk-shows and documentaries. Transmission hours are Monday to Friday & Sunday 7.30 - 8.00p.m. Viewing figures are 20 - 35% depending on the season. Share of the audience is 65 - 75%. The station is financed from advertising (3/4) and licence fee (1/4). The station has a staff of 42 and is broadcasting to 520,000 inhabitants with 285,000 TV sets. The area is both rural and urban with an audience of typical provincial Danes.

  • Region - Midt-Vest Jutland

Station TV/Midt-Vest
Address Soevej 2, DK -7500 Holstebro
Town/City Holstebro
Tel. +45 97 40 33 00
Fax. +45 97 40 14 44
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Managing director Lone Sunesen
Sovej 2 DK 7500 Holstebro Denmark
Phone: 96121212 Fax: ++4596121213
96121212 direkte: 96121299
Mobil: 29691299


TV/Midt-Vest is based in the Midwest of Jutland. The area has a population of 500,000 people. TV/Midt-Vest transmits seven daily programs Monday-Friday and two Saturday-Sunday. TV/Midt-Vest is produces news, features, documentaries and other other programs for TV 2/DENMARK. Furthermore TV/MIDT-VEST produces and transmits sports events from all over the country for TV2, The Danish Broadcasting Corporation and foreign TV-stations. TV/MIDT-VEST has its own training department by the name of NovaMedia.