David Lowen stepped down as President of Prix CIRCOM Regional.

The Prix CIRCOM Regional 2022 was David’s last one and the Prix CIRCOM Gala in Galway, Ireland, was also a tribute to his dedication, to his commitment to discover the best production in regional television across Europe. He adhered to the highest standards in working, provided guidance to the judges, refining the competition and shaping the Prix CIRCOM as the most prestigious and respected competition among media professionals in Europe.

He was surprised with an unexpected video during the Prix CIRCOM Gala. “David has been leading the Prix CIRCOM for 22 years and you know what it means for everyone, for Europe and for the public service media. An extraordinary work”, said Fernando Ojea, Secretary General of CIRCOM Regional. “This video shows who David is, how we love him.

David Lowen himself addressed the community from the Prix CIRCOM Gala podium: 
“The rewards you get from CIRCOM, the professional networking you get, the informal friendships that you create are something really worthwhile. If some of you out there are beginning your relationship with CIRCOM – keep it up… You will enjoy it. And you will be in a position not only to be helped by others but to help others as well. I think we do a fantastic job. Thank you!

Fortunately, David Lowen is not leaving our family. He will be working with the new President of Prix CIRCOM Regional Mojca Recek during the next season. David is also Individual Member of CIRCOM Regional – always ready to lend a helpful hand when needed.