26 - 27 June 2023
Brussels, Belgium


CIRCOM Regional members were invited to join the The 14th edition of EuroPCom – the European Public Communication Conference that took place in Brussels from Monday 26th to Tuesday 27th June 2023. The main topic of this year's conference was European democracy.

During this event, on Tuesday 27 June, CIRCOM Regional organised a 2.30 hour workshop:

27th June - 09:15 - 11:45 - CIRCOM Training: Understanding algorithmic content recommendations to find – and fight – dubious content
Are Youtube algorithms addicted to state-controlled foreign outlets? Why is "Nazis" trending on Twitter? These are just a few of the questions answered last year by the EU-funded CrossOver project that monitors which content is recommended by platforms such as Youtube, Facebook or Twitter in answer to a search term.
At this interactive workshop, we used real-life examples from the CrossOver project and looked through the project's dashboard to find dubious content.
Facilitator: Guillaume Kuster, Co-founder of CheckFirst, former journalist, entrepreneur, and trainer.

10 journalists from CIRCOM member countries were given the opportunity to attend this workshop and take part in all the other events too of EuroPCom. This was a chance for delegates to join the dedicated media programme and cover the multitude of workshops and key events. It was also a unique chance to join the largest and most influential annual event on regional and urban development in the European Union, connecting politicians, academics, experts and citizens with an interest in EU Cohesion Policy.


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