The judges of the only non-programme category in the Prix CIRCOM – the Station Web Site – have decided that no entry should be named as the outright winner. However, they commended two entries.

The chair of the judges of the category, Jane Isaksson of the Swedish station SVT Örebro, said today (Monday 12 April 2010): “Although entries were good, with some exceptional design, access to content and audience understanding, we did not find the innovation and originality we were hoping for.”

The two entries commended were: TV2 Fyn, Denmark and HR-online Germany. However, there were only four entries. In 2009, there were 11 entries and in 2008, 13 entries.

David Lowen, President of the Prix CIRCOM, said: “It may be disappointing but it is clearly the right decision in the circumstances. There were insufficient entries for there truly to be a competition and the quality clearly did not impress the judges sufficiently. We have already begun considering changes in the criteria for next year.”

The category sponsor is SVT Sweden and the 3000 euros prize money and the trophy will not be presented this year.