seemo_coe_bigOstrava, Czech Republic, 19th - 21st September 2012

SEEMO, Circom Regional and the Council of Europe in partnership held the latest in a series of seminars covering issues in relation to Investigative Journalism in print, radio, television and online media.

Leading professionals and experts shared their experience and discussed their approach to this complex, interesting, sometimes dangerous, but absolutely essential, area of the media.

The workshop was open to journalists from partnership members and to invited guests from partner and local organisations.

It took place at the Hotel Vista, Kpt. Vajdy 3046/2, 700 30 Ostrava, Czech Republic ( The event begun with registrations, official opening and reception on the evening of Wednesday 19th September.  The next day was devoted to in-depth sessions and case studies, provided by leading experts from a cross-section of the media.  
Our local colleagues Czech TV, Ostrava, were our hosts. The seminar continued until 13.00 hours on Friday 21st September. 

The first investigative journalism seminar run in partnership with SEEMO (South East European Media Organisation), Circom and the Council of Europe took place in Chisinau, Moldova. Read more...

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