sn workshop2015Ermelo, The Netherlands, 26th March 2015

The topic of the first CIRCOM workshop in 2015, hosted by ROOS Dagen during their annual conference for Dutch regional broadcasters, is how Social Media, apps for mobile devices and other tools for regional (investigative) journalism can be used to generate content and stories

The workshop takes place on Thursday 26th March and is very hands on. The participants will learn how to use new apps for mobile devices, sensors, maps and other tools to do research and give numerous new possibilities for regional journalist to do research and make new stories. You as a journalist (or even your audience) can now measure air or noise pollution, earthquakes and other things that can affect our daily lives. And these apps are not expensive; you can learn how to use them in one day.

Hille van der Kaa is a trainer and researcher at the School of Journalism and the University of Tilburg. She invents new tools for (regional) journalists with her students. Henk van Ess does amazing research on social media. He will show participants how to find people to interview in companies or other places you hardly have access to.

In the morning delegates were able to attend the ROOS Dagen conference plenary opening session on Constructive Journalism with keynote speaker Cathrine Gyldensted, a Danish investigative journalist and teacher. Her session discussed news that is relevant to society, and not unnecessarily negative, focusing on reporting news in a more engaging, constructive way.