Dundalk, Ireland, 15th - 23rd May 2015

This years' CIRCOM mobile journalism, training held in Dundalk, Ireland, has received the highest score ever from the delegates. The feedback revealed a 90.25% satisfaction rating and endorses the great work achieved by the training team. Workshop run for 5 days, followed by 2 days attendance at the CIRCOM annual conference.

Workshop overview

The workshop, attended by 15 delegates from 8 member countries, was organised in conjunction with RTE and the Dundalk Institute of Technology. Glen Mulcahy, the Innovation Lead of RTE, ran the the workshop and was joined by Philip Bromwell, also from RTE, Darko Flajpan from HRT Croatia, John-Inge Johansen from NRK Norway and Guillaume Kuster from France Televisions – the best team in Europe for training mobile journalism. Thanks to all those companies for supporting CIRCOM training and development.

Watch stories produced by participants during workshop

Technology is regularly changing our approach to newsgathering. The use of smart-phones for gathering material has increased considerably in recent years and they are being used to provide content that requires a quick turnaround for websites and for when traditional crews may not be available. They are also being used to edit stories, file transfer back to stations and even provide live broadcasts in difficult situations.
CIRCOM is providing a workshop for journalists that will give them an opportunity to learn the techniques and workflow when using a mobile phone. Journalists need to have the knowledge and professional skills in order to provide material that is useful for transmission, not just for TV, but also for radio and on-line services.

The main objectives are:

- To give participants training to a level where they are competent in the use of smart phones for filming, recording audio, file transfer and live transmissions.
- To give participants experience in using a laptop and/or ipad editing software to make a news package.
- To learn how to develop story ideas within the limitations of an iphone.
- To get to know the hardware, software and apps that are available to them and how to use them creatively.
- To understand the workflow in order to avoid mistakes.
- To give participant’s the necessary skills and confidence to work with a smart phone when appropriate.