UFTV 330

CIRCOM - FTV workshop
December 8th 2015
University France Televisions, Paris, France

CIRCOM Regional is about building networks. A new one was just born today among European training experts. For the first time ever CIRCOM Regional gathered a group of training professionals from all around Europe for an expert workshop. Member stations (and guest station RTS - Switzerland) were represented by managers and training center directors to discuss current and future challenges in their field. The event was hosted in Paris, at the Université France Télévisions.

What is the role of training in public service broadcasting in Europe? How well is it founded? How is it percieved (and supported) by senior management? Is the staff satisfied with the training offer? Practical questions got empirical answers. Colleagues got a chance to network and compare their structures, practices and issues.

Training at the core of strategy

As the workshop unfolded, many delegates found they shared the same challenges, one of which beeing to have the role of training recognized in a broadcasting company's strategy. A consensus was that, in times where our industry is changing rapidly, neglecting training can be a fatal error.

List of delegates:
- Betina Bendix - TV Syd
- Richel Bernsen - Roos, NL
- Olov Carlsson - formerly SVT
- Claus Christensen - TV Syd
- Didier Desormeaux - Université France Télévisions
- Jean-Marc Dubois - FTV
- Darko Flajpan - HRT
- Kinga Gaspar - MTVA
- Ruben Garcia Loureda Diaz - CRTVG Television de Galicia
- Nathalie Jaquet - RTS, Lausanne
- Ype van Kammen - Omrop fryslan, NL
- Guillaume Kuster - France 3 Haute-Alsace/CIRCOM
- Johan Linden - SVT
- Domagoj Novokmet - HRT
- Frédéric Olivier - RTBF
- Mark Wray - BBC