roos logo 330Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 5th February 2016

As a response to globalisation, cities and regions are discovering and nurturing their own cultural character. It is easier for people to find their own cultural identity and cultural connections in their own region than in abstract global linkages. That leads to a
re-evaluation of regional culture, of news and history. In turn, this strengthens the importance of being regional in a globalised world.

At the same time, public broadcasters and media are adjusting to changes in the relationships between government, societies and markets. Public Service Media need to adapt to the quickly-emerging new contexts and environment. In addition to this, most public service media are facing financial problems, to put it mildly.

This combination of challenges is the reason for this workshop: a forum, a place where the leaders in public regional broadcasting can contribute to a strategy for the future, long-term development of regional public service media. The first part of the meeting is reserved for the study about the future of journalism done by Van de Bunt (leading consultant strategist) which guarantees a provocative debate about the challenges we as public service media face.

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