21st - 24th February 2017, BBC Academy, Bristol, UK

ttt2017The 11th annual CIRCOM Train the Trainer course has taken place at the BBC in Bristol. 9 delegates from various European TV stations came together to learn the tools and techniques of becoming an effective trainer. The course was led by Mia Costello, a freelance editorial trainer who regularly works with the BBC Academy as well as other broadcasters around the world, joined by Carla Verhagen, a senior editor from regional TV station in The Netherlands.

The four-day course focused on understanding that people learn in different ways, so training sessions need to be designed to work for different styles of learning. Delegates took their own ‘Learning Styles’ questionnaire to find out about their own way of learning and then learnt about different ways of delivering training. The course was highly interactive, based on group work, debate and discussion. All of which helped participants to understand the key qualities needed by trainers.

And this year there was a particular emphasis on the coaching skills needed by trainers in terms of how well they question and listen to people. Time was spent discussing how to give effective feedback to participants to ensure it’s never personal, but always professional.

And the course culminated with each delegate making their own 25-minute presentation, using many of the skills and techniques that were discussed. Topics included how to write a story plot, how to play a card game, raising a dog, how to shoot using a iPhone and how to speak Polish. Each person received personal feedback from their colleagues and from the trainers. Delegates really worked out of their comfort zone, demonstrating new ways of thinking and delivering their knowledge in a subject.

The course was intense but fun. Thank you to everyone who took part with great energy and enthusiasm!