201712 BBCHull forum

After the successful top managers’ meeting held in Stockholm, CIRCOM Regional in conjunction with BBC East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire organized a follow-up session on 1st December 2017 in Hull, the UK Capital of Culture 2017.

This was 4th in a series of fora for senior managers, the leaders in public regional broadcasting, which successfully addressed Strategies for Regional Broadcasting. The feedback from the senior managers who attended the meetings was very positive, both concerning the presentations and discussions on strategy and, not the least, the opportunity to meet and network with European colleagues.

The theme of the forum was Working in Partnerships - we considered how public service broadcasters can work effectively with other local and regional media. Presented was BBC's partnership with the UK News Media Association, which is expected to create 150 new journalism jobs, a shared data journalism unit, and a facility allowing local news providers access to local BBC material.