May 20th - 25th 2018, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

The workshop run for 4 days and was followed by 2 days attendance at the CIRCOM Annual Conference in Leeuwarden.

As television stations are transforming into multi-outlets media organizations, this training was designed to help journalists to change their mindset about their coverage of the news and get out of their TV-only news production habits. The delegates were shown innovative examples, taught verification and best storytelling techniques in new formats.

The new formats were produced using a variety of tools, including their mobile phone, desktop computer and online tools to produce a variety of items on and around the same story; think data visualization, Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Explanatory videos and much more.

On the last day of the training, the delegates worked as a temporary newsroom, covering actual events in the host city. Some of them played the roles of editors who were in charge of designing the news coverage and follow its production. The journalists covered the story in a variety of newly learned formats.

The workshop was designed and conducted by Guillaume Kuster (CIRCOM), Hans Jessen (former CIRCOM and ARD trainer), Johannes Kardell (SVT), Wytse Vellinga (Omrop Fryslân) and David Tracz (BBC).


- Learn about what new formats are being used in the media
- Use new tools such as: mobile phone for content production, graphic design software, online mapping tools, animation tools etc.
- Adapt your content to the outlet you're publishing to
- Participate in a news production operation in training with the delegates from the editors' group
- Debrief and feedback on what was learned

By the end of the workshop delegates produced together an array of stories in different formats and on different platforms to reach new audiences.