ttt2018The 12th CIRCOM Regional “Train the Trainers” course took place at the BBC Academy in Bristol from 5th to 8th February 2018. Eight delegates from 7 European countries came together to learn the tools and techniques of becoming an effective trainer.

The 3-day interactive course focused on understanding that people learn in different ways, so training sessions need to be designed to work for different styles of learning. Delegates took their own ‘Learning Styles’ questionnaire to find out about their own style. The course was highly interactive, based on group work, debate and discussion. All of which helped participants to understand the key qualities needed by trainers.

And this year there was a particular emphasis on the coaching skills needed by trainers in terms of how to handle people who don’t want to learn. It gives them an understanding of how to move people from being in a fixed mind-set to looking at training through a growth mind-set and helps trainers lead people through necessary changes such as the move to digital working.

And the course culminated with each delegate making their own 25-minute presentation, using many of the skills and techniques that were discussed. Topics included how to stand up on a surf board, how to make Hungarian goulash, how to make chocolate cake and how to cross country ski! Each person received personal feedback from their colleagues and from the trainers. Delegates really worked out of their comfort zone, demonstrating new ways of thinking and delivering their knowledge in a subject.

The morning ended with each individual taking part in ‘Silent Coaching’ and committing to doing something differently in their lives as a result of the training.

Everyone was fully committed and open to learning. The camaraderie was exceptional and the atmosphere was really supportive.

Participants' feedback about the overall impression of the training:

The best training ever in my career!!

Life changing experience.

It was a very important time.

I grew up a lot, got inspired at lot.

Really good. I have learned a lot.