CIRCOM Regional Webinar
Monday 7th September 2020 Duration: 90 minutes
Time: 15:30hrs (CET) / 14:30hrs (GMT)

Good practices and toolbox for fact-checking in the regions

Fake-news are ramping up noticeably since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, but our capacity as journalists to tackle them barely did. The need to circulate accurate information about COVID and other topics (social unrest, political conscience on the rise as the lock-down softens) has never been as crucial as today. We offer to give guidance and a toolbox to journalists and editors willing to implement or strengthen fact-checking in their practices, with a focus on manipulated or misused video content circulating on social media. Watch the webinar with Marie Bohner (FirstDraft), Denis Teyssou (AFP) and Guillaume Kuster (CIRCOM, CheckFirst)



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Presentations by: 

marie bohner1. Best practices by Marie Bohner,

First Draft is an NGO concentrating on the circulation of best fact checking practice and tools for publications)

a. How to monitor fake-news.
b. How to prioritize fact-checking.
c. Which procedures and methodology to apply.



denis teyssou2. InVid, an open-source verification tool by Denis Teyssou (Agence France Presse Medialab Lead)

InVid allows journalists to verify video content

a. Demonstration of the screening of a video to try to determine when and where it was taken, in relation with its use in a publication (often times, events that have unfolded months or even years ago are used to support a fake-news and make it believable.
b. How to determine if a video is widely circulating and where (on which Platforms).
c. Case studies, examples.


guilaumme kuster 3403. Organisation patterns Guillaume Kuster, CheckFirst and CIRCOM

How to efficiently manage a fact-checking team, or the lack there of. A case study: Journalistes Solidaires

a. How to track fake news and documents its debunking.
b. How to organise information, in which type of system and how to monitor it.
c. How to manage journalists and contributors efficiently so that you don't need a dedicated team but can spread the workload.