CIRCOM Regional Webinar
2-3 November 2020 and 5-6 November 2020, 09:30 – 14:30 (CET)

Taking place across two half days, the workshop run twice during the week 2nd - 6th November.



How does the way you lead your team affect how well they perform?

The global pandemic has tested the skills of leaders everywhere, especially in regional television. This online workshop focused on the tools and techniques leaders need to get the best from their teams in these changing times.

Taking place via Zoom, across 2 days, 0930 – 1430hrs, the workshop was designed for anyone leading an editorial team whether in radio, tv, online or social media, either new to the role or with several years of experience.

The training covered 3 main areas:

- Clarity – How to be clear with your team about what’s expected of them. Do they understand why what they do is important, and do they know how you measure success?
- Managing performance through effective conversations – how to become confident at managing your team’s performance through feedback and honest conversations. This training offers practical tools and techniques.
- How to empower teams - As the leader/manager, you don’t have to have all the answers. Lead people in a way that encourages those around you to come up with solutions and to take responsibly.


Learning Outcomes

Having attended this training, participants are able:
- To understand what is required of an effective leader and to feel more confident in managing change.
- To understand their own style and how it affects those around them.
- To be able to offer clarity to teams about what’s expected and how to deliver it.
- To understand how to empower their teams to think for themselves.
- To know how to hold honest conversations and manage performance
- To have a clear goal to improve their leadership over the next 90 days