CIRCOM Regional - RAI CRITS Webinar
21st October 2020
10:00 (CEST) / 09:00 (GMT)
Duration: 3hrs
Via Teams

Rai CRITS (Centro Ricerche, Innovazione Tecnologica e Sperimentazione – the Rai Centre for Research and Technological Innovation) hosted a special webinar on the usage of AI based technologies and their application in media. 15 colleagues from 7 member stations took part. We heard about the application of AI in various stages of the production chain – from archiving and retrieving content from archives to usage of AI in video compression, to programme subtitling and to recommendation systems and personal assistants.
Webinar's programme and schedule are available HERE.

The workshop continued the trend of our CIRCOM family to keep an eye on the most advanced technology developments and how they can serve the media needs. Last year, during the CIRCOM Annual Conference, we also had a special session on the usage of AI in creating media content. Given by Jarno Koponen, Head of AI and Personalization, Yle, Finland, session focused on AI for democracy: How to combine artificial intelligence, user experience design and content to create new tools news media. If the news media wants to affect how news content is created, developed, presented and delivered to us in the future, we need to take an active role in AI development. What does this mean concretely?