2-day online conference
7th and 8th December 2020

CIRCOM Regional participated at the conference EuropCom 2020: Time for Communica[c]tion on the 7th and 8th December organised by the European Committee of the Regions. This 2-day online conference looked at the opportunities and challenges in communication around three key themes: Citizens, Green and Digital.

CIRCOM Regional delivered one of the Workshops on the Tuesday 8th of December hosted by CIRCOM Trainer Guillaume Kuster from 9:15 am to 12.15am CET // 8:15am to 11.15am GMT.
This workshop focused on ​reaching audiences and entertaining conversations with them about climate action and citizen engagement. The workshop shared techniques on:

• how to find your target audience online
• how to find the right format to reach to them
• identify conversation topics
• how to engage your audience with your content and keep the conversation going
• how to create a feedback loop with the audience to create more formats

These topics of citizen engagement and climate action are infamously difficult to work on as they are very broad and complex. Even if most citizen should feel concerned about them, content producers have to find specific ways to address small audience groups or communities with stories close to their preoccupations.

The workshop focused on laying out the issues brought by the recent revolution in content distribution due to social media ("thought bubbles", one-to- one distribution, community reinforcement, difficulty to impose the truth and facts... especially since the COVID-19 outbreak) and mainly consisted of rapid task-oriented group brainstorming sessions to answer a series of questions in order to prototype a communication product.

The outcome of the workshop was a series of prototypes produced by the participants. They also had access to a set of tools and techniques to accomplish their goals, both in terms of research and production.