Interactive online workshop
February 2nd 2021
Duration: 3 hours (09:30 – 12:30hrs CET / 08:30 – 11:30hrs GMT)
Course Leader: Mia Costello


This year’s ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop focused on the skills needed to deliver training via an online platform such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. It was not a technical course, but a course focusing on what it takes to be an effective trainer; what questioning and listening skills are needed, how people learn in different ways and how best to design sessions that keep people engaged whilst online.

This was a 3-hour workshop, delivered via Zoom for a small group of 8 people, highly interactive, with a high level of discussion and involvement.

The workshop was tailored for anyone required to train colleagues, whether formally or informally. It doesn’t matter whether they work on the editorial or technical side of TV, online or social media.

Having attended this training, participants are able...

  • To understand the role of a trainer; what makes someone really effective

  • To train people in a way which takes account of the different ways in which people learn

  • To offer feedback in a training context, using use a ‘coaching style’ of communication

  • To design an engaging and interactive training session to be delivered online


Participants' feedback

What is your overall impression of the course?

  • Very good
  • Clear, concise, thought provoking
  • Well structured, focused and clean for every detail.  Concise, however useful, Applicable in practice. 
  • Good, interesting and informative training
  • A good impression.  Perhaps it was a bit short?

Which was the most useful part of the workshop for you personally?

  • I was specifically after picking up tips for training using zoom.  This was very useful and I got my questions answered.
  • Exercises
  • Creating a training programme
  • That people learn differently.
  • Everything was useful.  Treatment of trainees. 

How was the experience of training on Zoom? (Speaking up, participating?)

  • I am used to using zoom in a meeting sense, so I was happy using it.  A lot of my training is edit training, so it does lend itself to screen sharing on zoo.  I find interaction between people works quite well and in the current climate is a good solution until face to face can restart. 
  • Interesting and useful.  It’s comfortable for me.
  • A few problems with sound at the start but then it was fine. 
  • Mia chaired it really well, allowing plenty of time to speak and listen. 
  • Excellent, no problems. 

Any other comments you’d like to make?

  • Many thanks to Mia Costello!
  • I really valued the interaction with people from other broadcasters as well.
  • Mia is a good, knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer. 


Workshop schedule

09:30hrs Welcome
- Introductions
- Why being an effective trainer matters to your organisation.
- Learning outcomes; What you’ll be able to do by the end

09:40hrs What’s expected of you as a trainer? (Duration 1.15 hrs)
- Role of a trainer; establishing a safe environment
- ‘Supporting’ versus ‘Challenging’ people
- Getting out of the’ Comfort Zone’
- Different ways of learning – what’s yours?
- Apply the learning in an exercise
- The qualities of an effective trainer

Break (09:45 – 10:0hrs CET /10:45 – 11:00hrs GMT)

11:00hrs What’s is a ‘coaching style’ of training?
- Using open questions
- Active listening
- How to feedback to participants

11:25hrs Designing a training session for an online platform
- Having clear learning outcomes
- Getting interactive
- Apply the learning
- Review what’s you’ve done

11:45hrs Design a session
- Practical exercise applying the learning, in pairs

12:00hrs Feedback and discussion on take-aways
- What worked well, what could be done better?
- What do you take away from this workshop?

12:30hrs End