October 20th 2021, 10:30 - 12:30 CET / 9:30 - 11:30 GMT

Want to better understand what the digital transformation of a regional newsroom means in practice? Want to learn from those going through it right now? Want to get advice about what’s happening in your own newsroom from those who understand it first- hand?

Then meet our Digital Doctors. This webinar is for you.

CIRCOM Regional held this online surgery to help us learn from each other’s experiences. We discussed specifics: which stories work with audiences, what is the production process behind them, what principles we can take away for success.

Editors from NRK Norway, France Televisions and SVT Sweden spoke honestly about how they’ve led the change in their stations, and they were on hand to take questions about your own company’s journey to digital.

So, if you’re a journalist, editor, or producer keen to understand how others are navigating digital transformation in regional news, watch this free online surgery.


Meet the Digital Doctors

adrian johansen

Adrian Johansen has been Head of News in NRK Nordland in Norway since 2018. His background is in traditional tv and radio journalism, but he quickly embraced digital platforms.
“To help editorial staff become more digital’, he says, ‘you need to work smarter with the linear platforms; that means more lives, more guests and fewer edited reports. It’s a mistake to think of digital platforms as standing on their own.” 




xavier collombier

Xavier Collombier is responsible for the digital transformation of French Televisions’ (FTV) 23 regional stations. He’s been working on this project for the past 5 years. Xavier has worked for FTV since 1988, as a journalist in different regional newsrooms (Orléans, Paris, Besançon, Nancy, Nice, Marseille, Nantes, Caen), as a news anchor, reporter and cameraman. Experienced in linear television, he’s spent the last 12 years of his career working for the web. 

anton swendsen

Anton Svendsen is editor-in-chief at SVT Nyheter Västi based in Gothenburg in Sweden. It’s SVT’s largest regional news station and Anton has spent the last decade actively moving its focus from broadcast to online. He’s had particular success with several big news projects centred around audience participation.