12th - 14th October 2022
Strasbourg, France

With the increasing number of women taking on leadership roles in regional broadcasting, CIRCOM Regional organised training course for women with 3 years’ experience or less in a leadership role. The event provided a safe space in which to share the challenges of leading teams, helping new female leaders develop confidence in themselves and in their leadership.

16 women from 10 European countries (Finland, Norway, Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Romania, Sweden, France, Holland) had the opportunity to participate in this training.

Designed to be highly interactive, the sessions offered tools and techniques to help build confidence both in yourself and in your leadership. The participants looked at the difference between being a manager and a leader, and how developing a ‘growth mindset’ can help build resilience. They reflected on different leadership styles and the effect they can have on the success of teams. And they discussed the value of building a work culture where it feels safe to speak honestly, without reproach.

Two senior female leaders, Rahela Štefanović, Editor in Chief of HRT and Fanny Klipfel, Regional Director of France 3 Grand Est spoke about their leadership experience. 

We were inspired by each other, said Mia Costello, the trainer. The participants agreed that they may develop a support network the purpose of which will be to help women ‘take up’ their rightful space; to become even stronger leaders.



Workshop schedule:

Day 1 - Arrival (19:00 – 21:30)
- Working welcome dinner on arrival

Day 2 - Full Day (09:00 – 17:00)
- Sharing the challenges of being a woman in leadership
- Understanding your leadership style and what how it impacts your team
- How to develop confidence as a leader
- Free evening

Day 3 - Half Day (09:00 – 14:00, includes closing lunch)
- The skills of being a coaching style leader and why it matters
- Sharing our work dilemmas. Get your colleagues help in moving forward.