20 - 24 May 2024
TVP 3 Poznań, Poland

The workshop, led by Darko Flajpan (HRT) and John Inge Johansen (NRK), run for three days, followed by two days attendance at the CIRCOM Regional Annual Conference. 15 delegates from 8 countries participated in the workshop.

This training session was put together to give content creators a broader knowledge and confidence in using different tools to be creative in daily life.

The main focus was on content created on a phone – all the way from idea to an edited, final product. Participants dived into the world of TikToks, Reels and Stories on IG and Facebook – with the sole focus on creation, not publishing or maintaining a social media market. Created stories can be used either for broadcast or easily be transformed for social media with the same material – or even better: surplus material shot on site of interest.

There was plenty of exercises during this intense workshop and by the end of it each of the participants produced a story - you can watch them here: