South-East Europe Journalism Workshop
Montenegro, Yugoslavia
March 2001

Following the political changes in Yugoslavia in October 2000, and the lifting of sanctions, Circom quickly arranged its first South-East Europe Journalism Workshop, which was held in Montenegro in March 2001. Twenty-eight young television journalists from Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and neighbouring countries, took part in this week-long practical workshop, which was financed by the Council of Europe, with support from Irex/ProMedia in Belgrade.

The aim was to help low-cost TV stations to produce fair and balanced news programmes, based on insight and understanding, rather than prejudice and ignorance of other communities. Digital cameras provided by SONY allowed the production of sequences and full reports, which were developed into a full programme recorded at TV Budva. The spirit of cooperation was exceptionally good; the quality of the TV reports produced was exceptionally high. Circom has been asked to produce more journalism workshops in South-East Europe.

"Stop covering the 'Men in Suits' and tell people's stories" was the message Rick Thompson gave 28 young journalists from seven countries gathered in Budva, Montenegro. The workshop lasted for a week. Three tutors and four technicians helped the journalists produce a TV news magazine program on issues facing coastal Montenegro.

Issues tackled by the young journalists included the traffic fatality rate and police efforts to curb it using tough, and unpopular methods, tourism, the environment, and the use of the hotel's swimming pool for birthing a baby. Journalists learned how to tell the story using pictures, sound and people's comments to bring their scripts alive. Techniques for training included lectures, demonstrations, practice, and finally, producing stories. Sony loaned the workshop digital editing equipment so the journalists could learn techniques for the future.

IREX not only contributed funds for the program but loaned its trainer Russell Peasgood as one of the tutors. He joined Rick Thomson, formally of the BBC and Kicki Hultin from Swedish TV in Gothenburg. In return Rick Thompson will teach at an IREX sponsored workshop in Novi Sad. Serbian participants represented the three regional centers of Radio-TV Serbia and four municipal stations. The seven Montenegrins came from two private stations, TV Crna Gora and one Municipal station, the host, TV Budva. Technical staff came from the BBC as well as the Bulgarian National Film Academy, and TV B-92 in Belgrade.


Opening Press

Rick Training

Masa Masic

Russell Peasgood
discussing shots

Russell Peasgood
with students

Karol editing

Kiki and

Kiki Hultin and
Sanja Velimirovic

Car wreck

Beach - long

Beach - wide

Car wreck - wide



International Journalism Workshop
June 2001

Immediately before and during the CR annual conference in Porto in June 2001, one of Circom's biggest ever training workshops was conducted. Forty-seven tutors, technicians and young journalists from 16 countries spent two weeks together, sharing ideas, and practicing the detailed production methods which make TV news at the regional level attractive to its viewers.

The activities of the workshop were presented to the full Circom conference on June 21st. The feedback questionnaire given to participants produced very positive results. Once again the event was supported by the Council of Europe, with equipment supplied by Sony and Vinten.


video n Television Journalism Workshop: Porto, June 2001


Newsroom Management Seminar
Strasbourg, France
November 2001

In November, CR held its second week-long seminar for senior newsroom managers and editors-in-chief. The event was organised and hosted by France 3 Alsace, and included a visit to the European Parliament during its plenary session. Editorial managers from fourteen European countries attended the seminar, and expressed high appreciation of the quality of the tuition and the practical exercises which were incorporated into the discussions.