Committee of the Regions: Study Visit for News Editors

Brussels, 18 – 20/11/2003

Committee of the Regions offers the study visit to News Editors of CIRCOM Regional member TV organisations to Brussels from November 18th to 20th 2003.

The study visit includes a visit to the Committee of the Regions during a plenary session and a special presentation of the role of this institution and access to the president of CoR, visit to the European Commission's Audio-Visual service and attend the midday press briefing.

The CIRCOM Regional news editors would:

- experience at first hand the workings of the plenary session (particularly a debate)
- presentation of CoR, its role, its future and its political priorities
- reception/dinner with President and heads of the political groups

The CoR would invite 12 News editors (7 from new member states and 5 from EU member states) and would pay for the air tickets and accommodation for two nights as part of the CoR contribution to the training/educational aspects of Circom.