Trieste/Grado, Italy, 11th till 24th May 2003

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This years training workshop for young journalists, to be held in Grado prior to the annual conference, is full. Once again, there were more applicants than places. Circom Regional intended to restrict the number of places to 24 people, but such was the demand, that careful budget planning allowed an extra 3 delegates.

27 people from 13 countries representing 23 regional stations will be benefiting from the training which is sponsored by Circom Regional and the Council of Europe Human Rights Media Division.

The generosity of Circom member stations has meant that we will be joined by 13 leading professionals who have been released from their normal duties. These trainers and technicians, who will deliver the workshop for Circom Regional are from France 3, ARD Berlin, Hesisscher Rundfunk Frankfurt, HRT Zagreb, the Thomson Foundation, BBC Wales and Nelson-media.

The workshop will run for 10 days prior to the annual conference and will then continue with a specially organised two-day workshop on video journalism, with journalists being introduced to the operation of DV cameras and editing equipment.

The training will take place at the Hotel Mar del Plata at Grado Pineta - The hotel is 3 kilometres from the town of Grado where the annual Circom Regional conference will take place.

Circom Regional training has secured exclusive use of the hotel for the seminar which runs from May 11th to May 24th 2003.

Delegates will require approval of their application from their respective Circom Regional National Co-ordinator.

Circom Regional will cover all costs of the training including accommodation, meals and transport to and from the venue. Travel from home countries to and from Trieste will be the responsibility of the home station or delegate.

Circom Regional's journalism training seminar is supported by the Council of Europe Human Rights Media Division, the Thomson Foundation and Avid Technology.