28th April till 2nd May 2003, Budapest, Hungary

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The Ethnic Minorities Seminar is designed to increase an awareness of the problems and possibilities facing managers, journalists and producers of TV stations, all members of CIRCOM REGIONAL, in dealing with ethnic minorities.

The problems include those facing all journalists - racism, religious sensitivities, even the vocabulary used in news magazines. The possibilities include the enrichment of each national heritage through the mosaic of minority cultures and the greater diversity of programmes which follow a higher profile of ethnic minorities.

Seminars will be led by Arwel Ellis Owen, a former Head of Programmes, BBC Northern Ireland and former Editor, News and Current Affairs, BBC Wales. He will conduct seminars on topics such as constructing a multicultural broadcasting schedule, on minority language broadcasting as well as the use of digital TV and the internet in increasing ethnic minority output.

- Arwel Ellis Owen, former Head of Programmes, BBC Northern Ireland and Editor News and Current Affairs, BBC Wales
- Judit Klein, Hungarian National Organiser, CIRCOM REGIONAL and Producer, MTV (Hungary)
- Inger Etzler, Chairperson of EBU's Intercultural programme and Producer, SVT (Sweden)
- Erik Hogenboom, Executive Producer, City Folk, EBU and Producer, NPS (Holland)
- Lynne Polak, Project Manager, EBU, Co-productions and Exchanges
- Gunther Rautz, European Academy of Minorities
- Gordana Stosic, Director-General, Macedonian Radio and TV (MRTV) Macedonia and formerly General Manager, AITV, Skopje

The Seminar will be held at MTV premises, starting on Monday, April 28th 2003 at 09.00 and it will end on Friday, May 2nd 2003 at 14.00.