Kolding, Denmark, May 16th - 27th 2006

Circom Completes 14th Annual Journalism Workshop

Kolding, Denmark was the place where 19 journalists from 10 different countries gathered to take part in the 14th annual journalism workshop.
Once again the event was a huge success and the evidence can be seen in the programme that the journalists produced. The weather in Denmark at the time was a litlle unkind, rain every day, but it didn't deter the journalists from completeing their objective of an interesting and informative regional news magazine programme.

The items covered in their programme included stories about the muslim community nine months after the publication of "the cartoons", one family's approach to the environment, the shortage of hairdressers in Kolding and how the Bosnian community is settling into Denmark.

Eighteen regional televsion stations were represented at the training. The journalists came from such diverse locations as Bialystok, Poland in the east, Nelson, England in the west, Bjelovar, Croatia in the south and of course Kolding, Denmark in the north. A truly pan-European experience for all those involved.
In 2007 the journalism training will take place in Bilbao, Spain.

"These two weeks in Kolding were one of the greatest things that happened in my life. I met so many wonderful poeple and I could see my work in a very different way."
Marta Kokocinska, TVP3 Bydgoszcz, Poland

"It was really interesting working together, and I thank you for that. The most important thing I got from the training course was that the way I think about TV and news reports. Certainly I have a lot of things to improve, but at least I'm on the right way."
on Mihai, TVR Craiova, Romania 

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Circom Regional Trainers and technicians: Ian Masters, Andi Mosnja, Karol Cioma, Darko Flajpan, Hans Jessen, Gerard Le Couedic, Steve Vousden, Didier Desormeaux