May 1st - 13th, Bilbao, Spain

This year's Television Journalism Training began in Bilbao on May 1st. 18 journalists from 11 countries were joined by 4 local public relations graduates who took part in the course and acted as local field producers.

The training was held at the Abba Parque hotel and facilities were provided by TVE. During the first part of the training the delegates took part in theoretical and practical sessions based on good television journalism principles.

The second part of the training saw the delegates filming and editing stories that they had generated themselves. The stories were about the Bilbao Transporter Bridge, the Bilbao Effect on tourism, Athletico Bilbao's policy of Basque only players, wild wolves who are killing sheep, an old toy exhibition and an up and coming tapas competition.



Didier Desormeaux giving a lecture at the Abba Parque Hotel



Majbrit Bach of Denmark a Circom technical trainer
and Alejandra Pinedo of Spain discussing edit options



Delegates from Spain, Slovakia and Romania
enjoying their training



Ian Masters showing good interview techniques