ronanRTE Video journalist Rónán MacConIomaire has launched his VJ career.  His first news stories as a VJ included one on the invisible substance, not easy to film or portray on screen.

Ronan was a member of the recent VJ course in Budapest and he was quick to acknowledge how Circom has helped his work:

“I finally managed to start VJing this week, and have done my first two packages in Ireland.
Different challanges to doing the packages in Budapest, I notice... weather, long car journeys, time constraints, short days!  Still, got them done and so I guess I am now offically a VJ.  Doing a story on an invisible substance (radon gas) almost melted my brain however! Am really liking the new role, the two packages looked decent.  Thanks again for all the help in Hungary.”

Ronan seen here during his filming exercise in Budapest is becoming a bit of an expert in filming rock and inanimate subjects.  We wish him all the best in his future career.  Rock on Ronan.