TtT1BBC SON&R Centre
Bristol, UK
February 16th to February 20th 2009

Circom – Training for the Future

Judging by the calibre of the delegates on the 3rd Circom Training the Trainers course, held in Bristol February 16th to February 20th 2009, European television stations have a real assets for the future.

Eleven delegates attended the training course and Simon Major, the course leader has no doubt that all the delegates will make good trainers in the coming years. Simon stated “Once again Circom have come up with some really talented and motivated people.  Because of the commitment of the delegates, the course just goes from strength to strength. I can honestly say that all the people on this training course, if they continue to practise and improve on what they have learnt this week, have the potential to be really good trainers.”  

Karol Cioma, Circom’s Training Project Manager who also helped to deliver the training says “It’s a real bonus to see people develop in such a short space of team.  The training is very intensive but nobody “hides” from what they have to do.  The exercises are designed to bring  people out from their comfort zones and this they did with confidence and style.”

The countries represented this year were Croatia, Cyprus, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia and the UK. The feedback from the delegates was very encouraging with claims of a “life-changing experience” and “the best training ever” being recorded.  The training is designed to give the necessary skills and tools for an effective television trainer of the future.  Held at the purpose-built BBC SON&R centre in Bristol the course lasts 5 days and is a regular feature in the Circom training schedule.


Simon Major with Maria Georgiadou from Cyprus and Vasco Pernes from Portugal.



Kelly from Ireland, Vasco Pernes from Portugal, Wojciech Malinowski from Poland and Tomslav Spoljar from Croatia.