cesa12th June – 10th July 2010 in Nuremberg-Germany

CIRCOM Regional has developed a unique summer academy for young TV journalists – CESA.tv – the CIRCOM European Summer Academy of Television. 

CIRCOM, an association of 380 regional TV stations across 38 European countries invited 20 young people, in the early stages of their journalism careers, to apply for this course.

The participants recieved 4 weeks’ intensive Circom-training. The Trainers know-how, combined with years of experience in the field of broadcasting training, ensured the highest possible standards.

The core element of the CESA.tv programme is intensive training in the research and production of TV magazine stories covering European issues.  A key part of the course required participants, working in pairs, to travel to another European country and produce a feature report.
Participants gained insight into current developments, trends and successful television formats in different European television sectors with participants presenting their own country and their TV station to the rest of the group. They also explorde the role of the journalist in a democratic European society.

Another aim of CESA.tv is to deepen the young journalists’ understanding of European policy, economics and culture. Therefore, the course included short trips to Prague and Strasbourg. In Prague the participants gained insight into what it means to live and work in a boundless Europe and how all this has developed historically. During the excursions they had the opportunity to interview well-known figures from the fields of politics, economy, journalism and culture.

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