Dear Colleagues,

This page provides previews of CESA 2011 stories. Stories were made in Poland, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and the Czech Republic by 19 delegates representing 14 countries


A Fair Representation / 3min 58sec


A Lesson in Living / 3min 58sec


A Precious Drop / 3min 52sec


Changing Gear / 5min 12sec


Europe's Hidden Philanthropists / 3min 57sec


Going Home / 4min 1sec


Pulling The Plug / 3min 58sec


The Ship of Hope / 3min 59sec


The Green Gold Rush / 4min 2sec


Where the Jobs Are / 4min 3sec


Dear National Coordinators,

This page provides previews of this year's Prix winners (all but Fiction/Drama due to rights).

According to Prix Circom Rules of Entry, a Circom Regional member station which so wishes is permitted at least one regional transmission and one repeat of winning entries (except winner in the Fiction/Drama category) within its own region during 2011 (until 31st December 2011) free of any license or rights payments.

Winning programmes (international version) in broadcast quality are available via FTP server. If you want to download the programme, please e-mail list of programmes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to obtain FTP credentials.