TtT2010_1BBC SON&R Centre
Bristol, UK
8th - 12th February 2010

It was an exhilarating experience for all those involved.  Ten delegates from 9 countries attended the Circom Training the Trainers workshop held at the BBC College of Journalism in Bristol. 

All the delegates agreed that this was one of the best, if not the best, training courses they had attended.  Simon Major, the course leader for Circom, believes that all of the delegates have the potential to return to their stations and become excellent trainers.  Some of the comments made by the delegates reflect the quality and effectiveness of the training, it is there own words that best describe the course:-

“The training has opened my eyes to new possibilities I did not expect”.

“It was very well organised. There were many points that were interesting.  All the days were good and a very good impact on my thoughts as a trainer.”

“I Learnt a lot about how to plan and manage a course.”

“All was great. More time needed for the training course.  For me it was a great opportunity to be here and learn from a brilliant teacher. Thank you very much”

“I found all of the course interesting. I have learnt so much and I can honestly say that Simon held my full attention for the duration of the course. I loved the teaching approach and I felt I was in safe hands and a really enjoyable safe learning environment.”

“I can imagine one more day about getting and receiving feedback.  Great course, thank you.”

“I’ve no words.  This is a great initiative.  Excellent professionalism. I learned so much.”

“I found most interesting the combination of theory and practise and to learn the tools to design a course and actually do it in front of others and the students.  I was very impressed that within a short amount of time Simon made us feel relaxed, at ease, open-minded and valued.  You were not afraid of saying something stupid because everybody would respect what you said.  A safe and trustful environment.  Thank you very much.”

“Can’t fault it, every aspect of the course was brilliant.  Lots of work to be done back home.”

“I found most interesting the insight provided by a knowledgeable tutor and getting an understanding of the complexities of training.  Simon’s ability to teach and coach is excellent.  He hits the right tone at every opportunity and is very encouraging throughout.  His ability to answer everybody’s questions and help with projects is invaluable. I would have thought more about using technology such as white boards before our presentations.  Personally I was fully engaged with all the elements of the course and all were very interesting and educating, and I learnt a lot.”

Photo (Front row left to right: Orla King, TG4 Ireland, Mark Banes, BBC Wales, Simon Major, Course Leader, Diana Kalaja, Albania RTV , Heike Steigler, BR Franken, Germany. Back row left to right: Silvio Sop, HRT Croatia, Christoffer Laubel, TV2 Denmark, Ales Gongol, Czech TV Ostrava, Karol Cioma, Course Coordinator, Rui Monteiro Romano, RTP Portugal, Daniel Vistorovschi, TVR Romania, Anthony Murnane, RTE Ireland.)

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