April 26th – May 8th 2010

Maltese Magic

Eighteen trainees from fifteen different countries gathered on the island of Malta to train with Circom in Television Journalism.

The group were hosted by Maltese Television who provided a welcome reception, tickets to an exclusive fireworks spectacular and a guided tour of Valetta’s 3 Old cities and the Mdina.
But it wasn’t all pleasure, there was a lot of work to do as well.  Besides attending theoretical workshops and doing practical exercises in television news production, the trainees produced 9 stories.  They ranged from the problem of immigration in Malta, artificial insemination pig breeding, water shortage on the island through to a stories about a successful Bavarian business woman and a look at on-line betting companies registered in Malta.
All the trainers and trainees would like to express their deep gratitude to all their colleagues at Pbs Malta for their support and cooperation and in particular to Anna Dalli and Doreen for their patience and care.


Circom trainers and technicians in Malta, left to right:
Mark Banes, BBC Wales, Majbrit Bach, TV Midtvest, Denmark,
Michael Delahaye, Circom UK, Sue Beardsmore, Circom UK,
Didier Desormeaux, France Televisions,
Karol Cioma, Circom Training, UK, Darko Flajpan, HRT Croatia.



The dust settles and the training erupts